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"Iustitia suum cuique tribuit."
Common propriety and owners’ associations
- elaboration previous notifications;
- able to obtain some bookkeeping special reports;
- assistance in front of the notary public for the genuine documents which are necessary for the cause (extrajudicial and judicial);
- elaboration of contracts later given the authenticity from the notary public (with smaller expenses of the notary's fee);
- elaboration of civil contract with a certain date;
- elaboration association agreement and owners'association, with the elaboration of all the constitutive documents (elaboration of rent contract, in order to establish the company's residence);
- placing the documents at the proper instance and representation of the association in order to obtain the judicial decision of establishment;
- placing the registering request at the town hall in order to be taken into evidence;
- participation to the partners general meetings for the partners association interest;
- elaboration and actions support against the debtors;
- representation of owners' association in any litigation, civil or commercial;
- elaboration appeal and representation in all the attack ways, and also in the extraordinary ones;
- elaboration of memorials to support the unconstitutional and illegal exception, and also these requests in front of the specific instances (including The High Court of Cassation and Justice and of The Constitutional Court);