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"Neque enim quisquam egens erat inter illos. Quotquot enim possessores agrorum, aut domorum erant vendentes afferebant pretia eorum, quae vendebant et ponebant ante pedes Apostolorum."
Land law
- able to obtain some studies/specialized rapports (topographic filed, real estimate);
- representation in front of public or private institution in order to obtain all the information and the necessary documents for a whole picture of the cause;
- elaboration of the reconstitution request;
- elaboration of complaints to the commissions for the land law application;
- legal contests to the district's commissions for the land law application;
- elaboration and support of complaints for the judicial instances;
- elaboration of appeal and representation in all the attack ways, including the extraordinary ones;
- elaboration of requests and memorials in front of The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.