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"Ius est ars boni et aequi"
Comercial law
- able to obtain some studies/specialized rapports (real, companies, bookkeeping estimates);
- elaboration of invitations to the previous conciliation;
- elaboration of previous notifications;
- consultation of a mediator for a kind solution of the litigation;
- assistance in front of the notary public in order to certify the documents for the cause (judicial and extrajudicial);
- elaboration of contracts, later certified by the notary public (with smaller expenses of the notary's fee);
- elaboration of a certain date for the commercial contracts;
- consultation of a liquidator at the company's request and assistance during the whole liquidation procedure of the company's patrimony;
- representation in front of public or private institutions in order to obtain all the necessary information for a whole image of the cause;
- representation in the procedures of previous conciliation in order to resolve the cause using an extrajudicial way;
- representation in mediation (if there the case);
- elaboration of constitutive document in order to form a company;
- elaboration of rent contract by giving a certain date to the social residence settlement;
- the possibility of a virtual settlement at the office residence;
- elaboration of constitution request with the documentation for The National Trade Register Office with the representation of the new company;
- elaboration modifying additional document of the company's constitutive documents;
- consultancy in business projection;
- representation of the partner in the partners' general meeting;
- elaboration of requests and representation in front of the judicial and arbitration instances;
- elaboration of appeal and representation in all the attack ways;
- elaboration and support in extraordinary ways of attack;
- laboration of memorials to support the unconstitutional and illegal exception, with the support of these requests in front of the instances (including The High Court of Cassation and Justice and of The Constitutional Court);
- elaboration of forced execution request and representation during the forced execution of it's titles;
- representation of the creditor company (by elaborating the opening request of the judicial and bankruptcy reorganization procedure) and debtor (with assistance in the elaboration of the reorganization plan);
- elaboration and support of contestations in the bankruptcy law;
- elaboration and support in the bankruptcy attack ways;
- elaboration of requests and memorial in front of The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.