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The district of Bihor

Tel: 004 - 0744.168.186
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"Bona causa nullum iudicem verebitur."
    To achieve an efficient and quick execution of our clients' purposes, we began cooperation with some partners in different fields:

a. Notary Public Office Dragoiu Ilie (004 - 0744595713) and Notary Public Office Szasz Denes (004 - 0744771188)
For the documents authentication (where it is needed) we have a permanent cooperation with the notary public offices.

b. Mosincat Sergiu - authorized topographer (004 - 0745657340)
In order to realize some judicial or extrajudicial land examinations, the office cooperates with authorized topographer.

c. Pantis Bianca - Judicial executor office (004 - 0740759552)
Since the setting up of the office, there is a permanent cooperation with the judicial executor in order to accomplish the final and irrevocable judicial decisions, and other executory titles.

d. Golea Laura - authorized estimator of A.N.E.V.A.R. (004 - 0722284473)
Since 2000, the office cooperates with an authorized estimator, to obtain estimates of real, companies, which are necessary in some contracts' negotiation, to liquidate a company's wealth, to execute some belongings that require fix estimation for the auction.

e. SC CTCE SA Piatra Neamt (004 - 0233.211.020)
To be informed on the legislation's modifications in every field, we cooperate with this company that provides us the legislation and practice program "Legis".

f. Mereuta Valentina - financial investment services agent (004 - 0742110608)
We have a productive cooperation with a professional who checks up the financial state of some companies, the evolution of the capital market that can determine the initiation or close of a business.

g. Marcel Buhas individual insolvency office - judicial administrator and liquidator (004 - 0742009554)
In case of a company's liquidation with the associates accord, but also in case of bankruptcy (as a judicial administrator or as a liquidator) it is absolutely necessary the presence of an insolvency company.

h. SC "Tom Express" SRL - Gille-Szombati Annamaria - authorized translator for Hungarian and French (004 - 0724221195) and Hera Diana Nicoleta - authorized translator for English and French (004-740049982)
Cooperation with an authorized translator is necessary in front of the judicial instances, The National Trade Register Office, but also to have a certain translation of the clients' and witnesses' testimony in front of the penal committees, and for the legalized translation of some documents.