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Romania, Oradea
Franz Schubert street, no 3, 1st floor
The district of Bihor

Tel: 004 - 0744.168.186
Tel / Fax: 004 - 0359.425.531

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"Bona causa nullum iudicem verebitur."
About me
    The individual lawyer office "Olah Lacrimioara" offers you a large and varied field of services in different law fields, in order to satisfy any demand on the client using all the ways given by the law system.
    The success of the office lays on professionalism and understanding for the client. The judicial assistance is achieved through the Romanian institutions and also through the European Unions one in cooperation with other lawyer offices, in order to offer the client good services according to the present legislative requirements.
    The activity of judicial assistance includes consultation, elaboration of applications to the state's or private institutions, but also we represent the client in front of the institutions, penal committees and judicial instances (in the district of Bihor, but also in Satu-Mare), in many different fields of the law: civil, commercial, criminal, employment, administrative and family.
    This page contains information about the activity and principles our office lays on. Please click on the links you are interested in. We wait you opinions, comments or demands concerning this page, they are all welcome.
"Dicas dicenda, docte sileas reticenda"